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TLC Coffee Bagel Sandwich

TLC Coffee Roasters

Established in 1999 we serve equitably sourced, artfully created coffee that nurtures and comforts the human spirit.

We are rooted strongly in the community and aspire to positively impact the world we live in.

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What Customers Are Saying

Rhode Island coffee drinkers and brewers, you have just been put on notice with this gem 💎! I was at a lacrosse tournament at URI and I drove by this place I was like eh another coffee joint. The thing to do right now, but I was still like let me try it. Wow I am so glad that I did. This may be right there as a top player in the coffee game in all of Rhode Island and we know coffee. We travel 30 minutes for good coffee places! I am shocked that a place that amazing is hiding on Route 138. I also could not believe that the coffee tasted as fresh as it did, out of a jug sitting on a shelf. But it did! It was amazing. And I absolutely love that you could add regular milk, cream, almond milk or oatmilk without an extra charge. I hate when I get charged 80 cents for oatmilk and they put a splash in. Why on Earth is that 80 cents when you can get the gallon for 4 dollars and it takes 127 splashes to finish. I love the fact that they charge one price and you can add in your oatmilk and all your fixings for that price. And they don't just offer blah fixings. We are talking about cocoa powder, cinnamon, sugar, raw sugar, liquid sugar and so much else. This is a must try in Rhode Island for all coffee lovers. Let's go. I'll drive !

Shaun Hunter

TLC Coffee Roaster - Man Eating outside the Restaurant

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Monday – Friday  6am –5pm

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Sunday  6am –5pm

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