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Creates a cup with fruit notes of grapefruit and lime which balance the coffee perfectly.

Sumatra Rainforest Alliance Certified FTO

  • Sumatra coffees are famous for their peculiar flavor profile, low acidity, thick body, and rustic flavors that can often be described as earthy. Much of the flavor comes from the way Sumatras are processed, the wet-hull method , not to be confused with wet-processed coffee.    Rainforest Alliance standards aren't as strict as the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's Bird Friendly standards. But the most common criticism of the Rainforest Alliance standard is that as little as 30 percent of the coffee in a container can be grown under Rainforest Alliance criteria and the coffee can still carry the Rainforest Alliance seal. The buyer doesn't know about the conditions under which the other 70 percent was grown. You can avoid this issue somewhat by looking for labels that say 100 percent Rainforest Alliance certified.Also, as with other third-party certifications, there's a cost to the producers. Of course that can be offset by the higher prices received for their beans.

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